Current Group Offerings

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1. Healthy Boundaries Small Group Exploration

Explore healthy boundaries in a 4-6person group of women (cis-gendered for this group).

"Healthy boundaries help you feel safe, comfortable, respected and known".  This increases our skill in relationships of all types. We thrive when we are separate, but connected.

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Deadline- Oct 15, 2019.

5 weeks of learning, reflection and exercises to promote the felt sense awareness of our own boundaries and learn how we can come into our truth in life.

THIS IS A PRE- REGISTERED and CLOSED group. Location to be disclosed.
Mondays 12noon-1:15 - Oct 21, 28 Nov 4,18,25

Week 1- Intro to group, what types of boundaries are there, small group exploration.
Week 2- External Boundaries- physical space and comfort
Week3- Internal Boundaries- emotional space, preferences and needs
Week 4- How Trauma impacts our boundaries
Week 5-  Exploring exercises for strengthening healthy boundaries in the body's felt sense, closing.

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2. GROUP YOGA - Gentle and Restorative - at Vitality Yoga in Nelson BC

Appropriate for people with chronic pain

Thursdays 8:45-10am.

email or check out Vitality Yoga for more information.

3. Professional Development- Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for the Workplace

In today's culture, many of us feel overwhelmed and even burned out in the workplace. Learn how your nervous system functions, and some skills and tools you can use at home and on the job to manage stress and stay healthy.

2-3 hour educational session

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