Covid Response Plan for Resilience Somatics

The guidelines as laid out by WorkSafe BC for Phase 2 regarding in-person counselling involve quite a bit of my own discretion.

I want to name the fact that Somatic Therapy is not the same as talk therapy in terms of
considerations for in-person counselling guidelines. I have needed some time to sort and sift to
determine what would be most beneficial to you all in terms of therapeutic support.

In the effort to be transparent in my communication and allow each of you to make the
decision that is best for you and your loved ones, here are some of the guidelines and

Online Appointments

Online appointments will continue to be available for clients.

In the instance that the government re-instates social distancing/isolation practices online appointments for everyone will be resumed.

If there is a spike in Covid-19 numbers in the Kootenays, even if counsellors are “allowed” to
work in person, I will move to online sessions.

In-Person Appointments

1. In-person appointments will be 75 minutes in duration.

2. In the instance where we decide that in-person appointments are wanted/needed, I am
required to “screen” all clients prior to coming in for Covid-19 symptoms. I will do this via email, and will require a response before you come in in person for your appointment.

Please do not come into the office even a little bit sick. It is easy to transfer to an online
appointment even the morning of our scheduled time. If you are very sick, there will be no fee for cancellations/rescheduling and I will try to accommodate those changes as best I can.

If you come in sick, I will not be able to see you, and you will be charged for your
appointment time.
I know not everyone shares the same opinion about
Covid-19. I respect each of you and your positions. I am not a virologist, nor an epidemiologist
and as such don’t have an opinion. I am simply trying to balance the needs and requests of my
family, and work.

3. Clients will wait in their vehicles until 5 minutes before the session time. I will not text you
unless I am running a little late. Clients will use the upstairs, main door at 601 Front St. That is a
regularly sanitized entrance.

4. I will schedule more time between clients to allow for sanitization of all high touch surfaces
and objects. (doorknobs, tables, physio ball, presencing objects etc.).

5. I will provide hand sanitizer for all clients to use when they come into the office. If you do not
wish to use it, please wash your hands in the bathroom with soap for 20 seconds before coming
into the office. I am required to ask you if you did so, please bear with me on this.

6. Since transmission is increased based on proximity and duration of time spent together,
during a 75 minute appointment, we will be in each other’s bubble no matter where we sit in
my office for that length of time. As usual, we will negotiate our positions based on your
comfort levels. If you are choosing in person appointment times, please be aware that this is
the case.

7. The work we do is not manageable with masks. I will not be wearing a mask, and nor should
you. In the instance that you feel nervous, fearful or not ok with this, you should continue to
book online sessions.

8. I have purchased an air purifier which I will situate between or beside us. It is quite quiet but
makes some sound. I will have it on. I hope that we can both get used to the sound together, if
it becomes an interference, we can discuss.

9. I am not allowed to provide water or tea. Please bring your own, as it’s a really useful thing to have something to drink during somatic sessions.

10. I am required to post this plan inside my office.

All my best to you and yours,

Shannon Dikkema
Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

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